The Power of Positivity

A tidy space, A tidy mind At this very moment in time, I am one very happy chappy...a point I have fought so hard to get myself to. From coming home from France and straight into desk jockey mode, I have found myself loosing who I am in the process. My job is tiring (more... Continue Reading →

Getting that beach bod?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So, trip is booked, date is set, and passport at the ready - yay! *looks at self in mirror* hmmm. At this very moment in time, I am not so excited about wearing swimsuits everyday on my travels. Time to tone, trim and self improve. Now, do not get me... Continue Reading →

Ticking off the bucket list

"I love your stories, you have lived such a life and your still so young" This is what one of the girls said to me in work the other day when I was talking about something I did when living in France. It made me think about things, that I have actually achieved so much... Continue Reading →

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