A List Of My Lists

Sooo.. as previously admitted, I. Love. Lists. Especially when it comes to planning my trip. Here is a top 10 list of some I think are most important/helpful so far!

  • First things first – THE BUCKET LIST! Know where you want to go… and go! When you have your list, you can work out the POA from there.
  • Flights – both internal and long haul, get the perfect idea of the overall time you will be in the air, and how long you will be in a place (time to get over jet lag to!)
  • Hostels, Rentals, Campers and tents – know where your wanting to stay, have a rough budget… check the reviews!!
  • Budget.. I love catching up with my savings from now to leaving, and working out how much I will roughly be working on a day, this helps when looking for places to stay and what excursions I can budget for each place
  • Extras –  I didn’t realise how many add-ons there can be for a backpacking adventure, from visas to insurance, jabs and baggage, it can all add up
  • Listen to your pals! I have had some many people telling me what we need to do and see in each place…take note! These people have been there and their help can be invaluable!
  • To do list – yes, a plan to make a plan! If you have lots of things to sort out, a plan (or checklist if you will) can be a massive help with organising your time! It also helps make sure you do not forget anything.
  • Packing – start making a brief list of what you need to take, taking into account each place you visit. By doing this early on, you can keep coming back to it and revise what you have on it as you go. By the time you are off, you will have your packing down to a tee.
  • Things you can sell/ways to make some extra cash before you go! Sounds silly but you will be surprised how much crap you have lying around that you can sell to make money for one more beer when your away. I always think to myself ‘can I take it with me’ and if the answer is no, what use do I have for it when I am not here?
  • And Finally…this isn’t for everyone, but keep a keen eye on your outgoings from now until you go. I get payed weekly and I find it helpful to go over my spends from the week each payday, working out how this has affected my savings (good or bad, its nice to know!) 
My old thinking spot, away from guests and my shitty French boss. I hated my job and was super lonely during this season…but with views like this…

Let me know if you are guilty of these too (or am I crazy? Slightly OCD? Ah well). I will be going more in depth about some of these points in future posts



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