Seasonnaire Survival

So, you want to do a ski season?







Hands down guys, I would not lie to you!

Doing a ski season (or several) is honestly the greatest thing in the world! Tiring, ruthless, and, at times, down right dangerous, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. I have done 4 seasons in total – 2 summer and 2 winter, and would be doing plenty more if I hadn’t of made the decision to stay home and plan a round the world trip backpacking.

Your guests will be knob heads (mostly), you wont sleep for the whole time you are there, your liver will want to pack in, and you will be ill throughout…but that does not matter. Your guests are a means of living there, you wont sleep because you are out all night having fun, your liver has no hope with apres involved, and you just wont be able to shake the season cold because, well, you dont let yourself stop and be ill.

I can honestly say, I have met life long friends (one of which I am going travelling with), everyone is on the same page and just get on as if they have known each other forever.

Skiing 6 days a week..perfect??

I could go on forever about how amazing seasons are. The people, the food, the parties, the skiing..the food.. again!

If you in two minds, let me help you – DO IT! You wont regret it.




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