Words for Women

The majority of the time whilst speaking about my trip, people are buzzing about it, which is great! But you always have that one person, that one person saying ‘wow, I would never do that, your so brave’ or ‘you’ll have to be careful’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people are genuinely not cut out for (or even interested) in packing up and heading out into the world, and if that’s you, great! But my whole life has always been consumed with this need for travel and adventure – a wanderlust if you will.

When someone has these reactions to my trip, I always wonder if they would say this to lad, or whether, as a young female, I have more reason to be careful?

I am not a hardcore feminist or anything like that, but I do believe in equality. Why should female travellers be classed as brave, or warned about ‘dangers’ before we leave? I love that people care, and deep down I know these people mean no harm, but it produces some food for thought.

My decision to book this trip, the countless hours of planning, and my outlook of actually never returning has never, not once, been jaded by a fear of danger. This has been fueled by passion, excitement, and an unfathomable desire to see the world and what it has to show me.

I am not completely blind to the fact that, yes, there are dangers out there… for everyone.

We must stay safe, and be allowed to judge each situation for ourselves. Females are not weak, and we are not stupid. Our adventures should not have restrictions because of our gender, we should (and we will) get to experience everything without fear or doubt

This is not a bitch about men, and not an excuse for women. This is my thoughts and views.

Thanks for reading




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