Happy New (BIG TRIP) Year


I hope you all enjoyed the festivities… festivities in my books was gin in my pjs watching Harry Potter with my family (pretty perfect if you ask me)

Anyway, the beginning of 2018 means I can finally say ‘I leave September THIS YEAR’ when people ask when I am off. I love it, I bloody love it.

This means I officially have 9 months left to save.. not long enough if you ask me, but I will work it out…I hope (lol help)

I am working hard, all day everyday to save for this trip. I hate my job, but I love the girls I work with. Never did I image I would be a full time desk jockey…kill me…BUT I know I need the job, I need to just suck it up and get on with it. This actually makes it very easy for me to get up each morning and go to work looking like a was dragged through a bush.

This year is set to be the best yet, and I cannot wait to crack on and see what happens.

I am focusing on building my Instagram (@frompapertoplanes) and welcoming everyone who reads my posts or follows me onto the journey.

Comment on this so I can check your posts and get some inspo from you all

Thanks so much for reading








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