A Plan That Wasn’t A Plan: How I have Changed My Entire Trip In One Meeting..

So, I had a meeting with STA yesterday, the amazing company we have entrusted with helping planning this trip. Our initial adviser has left, so this way the first meeting with our new hero.

After about 15 minutes in there, we have now COMPLETELY changed our trip. He was so completely honest with us, and turns out, the lass we had before him had basically sold us a completely unreachable dream. This obviously sucks, by my god am I happy he told us now, rather than us getting to a place and realising 1) we have no money 2) the route was utterly obsurd.

Anyway, this meeting was only supposed to be about an hour and we were in there for around 3 1/2 hours… and we came out with a reworked plan of action, a 2.0 trip if you ask me – I LOVE IT!

We are travelling for a shorter time, but doing SO MUCH MORE. We have taken out South and Central America, and Canada (boo) but added in New Orleans, Hawaii, Fiji, and Borneo!

My one place, my dream place was always Hawaii, but we took it out the initial plan for money reasons… but now I get to go! My sisters was New Orleans, and we took this out for the same reasons, so she is now made up we get to go.

I will say, I wish we were going to Vancouver still, but we will get there one day, we know this!

We have a new budget, and new savings goals, and I wont lie, this has taken such a massive weight off my mind. As fun as planning is, the saving part is a little daunting when you have shit already booked. Now, we have an achievable goal, and it makes me so excited.

So, basically, he has given us the reality check we needed. We didn’t know it was needed until yesterday, but there we go… trust the experts people, use them, they are great help!

Anyway, I’m buzzing, and can’t wait! I am not disheartened at all, after talking it all over yesterday, I know what we have done was not only needed, but for the best.

I will do a revised trip post soon 🙂

Thanks for reading



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