Tips for saving that dollar dollar bill y’alll

Saving. Is. Hard.

Having to save every last penny is testing at the best of times, but having big commitments to already booked flights and tours adds to the stress…massively.

I am lucky enough to get paid weekly, so this means I have an active savings account, making it easier to keep track of my progress. Getting this weekly pay also makes not spending at the weekend very difficult, because Friday is always payday party time (and by party time I mean Chinese and wine in from of the TV and a little shop on Saturday.. I know, wild!)

I’d say that if we were still doing our initial route, my savings would be MASSIVELY behind where I need to be. This new trip has taken a load of my back and I’d go as far as to say that if anything, I am slightly ahead now. It is SO important to be realistic with what you can afford by the time scale you have to save.

The trip gives me a focus, and a strong goal to work towards, so saving has become easy for me. In my head, I constantly have the ‘do I need it’ or ‘Can I take it with me’ little voice screaming at me before I go to buy something..and it works! Sometimes, I think to myself, if I buy this, how many nights stay in SE Asia is this? or how many buckets will this jumper get me in Thailand? and these get me through. They make me put that shit down and crack on with saving my dollar.

One of my many secret loves in life is working out my finances – outgoings against your income is a great way to check your on target, and stay within your limits. I will mostly do this on Friday (payday), and check what the new income to my account does to my savings, what I plan to spend that week/month and go from there. It’s not for everyone, I know this, but I love it, I love working out my week and month in advance, it makes me feel in control.

Everyone says to me ‘don’t let saving rule your life’ but they don’t quite understand that my restricting myself a little, I am in for the adventure of a lifetime! I’d rather miss one night out, and have a few extra cubans in New Orleans… ya feel?

Anyway, I don’t quite know if this is tips or just a tiny exploration into my strange little brain and they way it works, but there we are.

If you have any more tips, send ’em over, I want to hear all about them!

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