Ticking off the bucket list

“I love your stories, you have lived such a life and your still so young”

This is what one of the girls said to me in work the other day when I was talking about something I did when living in France. It made me think about things, that I have actually achieved so much already, with plans to only continue growing on that.

This trip has been something that I have been wanting to do FOREVER but I’ve been here there and everywhere since leaving uni. After doing my 4 seasons in France , I finally bit the bullet and said I was done with them…for now. This was my time to whip out the bucket list and get planning.

Top of my list has always been Hawaii. I don’t know what it is with the beautiful islands, but I have always wanted to go. With our initial STA adviser, she told us that Hawaii would have eaten our budget and if we were going to Fiji, we wouldn’t need to go to Hawaii. I don’t know why I just took this for the truth and calmly crossed it off our list, but I did. However, with our new STA guy, its BACK ON THE LIST! Tick, Tick, Tick!

When researching destinations on our trip, I stumbled across El Nido, in The Philipines! and Oh My Lord, that place is stunning! It soon took second place on my bucket list…and so we added it to the plan. Just like that, another place added and ticked off the bucket list 🙂

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing places on my list, and rest assured, they are all on the list!

My sisters top 2 were New Orleans and Borneo… Tick, Tick! They are both on the list, and none of us can wait. I can’t believe how much pressure has been taken off and replaced with excitement by having a new perspective/plan/adviser.

We are looking into booking our Christmas hostels today, which is likely to only make us more excited.

Where is your favourite place to travel from your bucket list? Did any place  not live up to expectations? – any help would be great!

Thanks for reading!



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