The waiting game: Completed it mate!

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So, your trip is booked, you have lists out your ears…and you still have 9 loooong months to go? Snap. It sucks so bad. I am so fed up of waiting for September!

The more planning I do, the more excited I get! I wish I could just pack it all up and leave tomorrow. Saving is shit! Killing myself behind a desk 50 hours a week is not where I am meant to be, not now, not ever. BUT, the constant reminder of it only being a means to an end is enough to push me through. Plus I like the girls I work with… its the job I have an issue with… a big issue.

I was speaking with my colleagues today and we were discussing Youtube and various different bloggers. Where some of the girls preferred fashion, and others make-up, some were about photography (and its got to be travel for me) – it was amazing to get to know what people love and get some more inspo. Fashion isn’t really my gig (despite working for a large fashion brand), but I LOVE MAKE UP, so got some pretty cool new people to check out. I’m not so good with a camera, but love travel photography (and all things travel) so again, I found myself wanting to check out some new accounts on Instagram.

I believe this is my waiting game – constantly seeking and discovering new and exciting people to follow to satisfy my itching feet. The inspiration a simple blog, vlog, or image can muster in me is exciting. I love discussing random crap, listening to adventures, and basically engaging in interesting conversations with others, be it old pals or new, everyone helps…the inspo and knowledge I have gained from these alone for my trip is great!

I am not to sure if this post makes any sense, or follows any one specific topic, but there we have it. Waiting is hard, but I am not wasting it, not at all. I am working hard, saving harder, and this is what I must live by. Take peoples stories of a place and use them, take their advise and listen to it!

Basically, don’t let your own waiting game get on top of you. Play it. Waste nothing. Suck up the shit and embrace whats going.

During a discussion today someone mentioned Bloglovin’ (follow link above!!) I think this is a great way of not only discovering new people, but also keeping all my favourites in one place…PERFECT!



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