Getting that beach bod?

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So, trip is booked, date is set, and passport at the ready – yay! *looks at self in mirror* hmmm. At this very moment in time, I am not so excited about wearing swimsuits everyday on my travels. Time to tone, trim and self improve.

Now, do not get me wrong, I do not believe in “the perfect body” or that you MUST BE SKINNY. However, I think you must be happy within yourself, and at the moment, I am unheathly and unhappy with my body. I have not got this impression from anyone else, other than myself. I have not seen “body inspo” from celebrities or insta girls, I am simply not comfortable with my weight at this very moment in time. A complete personal opinion and therefore, personal mission.

My diet began around 2 weeks ago and is so far going well. I have tried many diets before now, but I have never had a goal like I do now, so I think this is massively helping me stick to it. On my travels, I will be on beaches A LOT of the time, and I do not want my own self worries holding me back from having the best time possible.

To now, I’ve focused on making healthier choices with my food and drink:

-cut out sugar almost completely (except natural)
-fruit as snacks not junk food (massive step whilst in work 10 hours a day)
-lemon water (lemon is a fat burner and I like lots of water, so this added extra goes a long way with me)
-black coffee or fruit tea instead of adding milk and sugar (again, a massive change for the better whilst in work)
-walking more (be it stairs over the lift, or simply walking the dog a little further each night)

From tomorrow I will be heading back to the gym, aiming for 5-6 days a week. This may seem a lot but I LOVE THE GYM! No joke, I seriously love doing exercise. To start, I will mainly be focusing on cardio to get myself back into it. My arms needs toning and I don’t think this will be too hard, my muscles are all still there, they just waking up and actually put to work. After a while, I’ll start being more specific with my work outs, getting that boooootaaaaayyy and such (lol)

My end goal is love my body again, be completely happy in a swimsuit and just enjoy myself without being constantly worried about how I look.

I’ll keep you updated, this could be entertaining!

Thanks for reading, any tips or tricks would be great!



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