The Commitment Issue

I have always struggled with big commitments, and tend to steer welllll clear of them. My itchy feet have always driven me to constantly be on the move in search of something new.

Working ski seasons were great for me, 6 months in one place and then off again to another resort. They got me out of my small little town, and into a world I felt completely at home in. Over my 4 seasons, I lived in 3 different towns across the French Alps, and each one now holds a massive hold on my heart. I had the time of my life, and met some amazing pals along the way, friends I trust and friends I love.

The trouble with being constantly on the move, is exactly that, being here there and everywhere. It is hard to settle in one place because you know you will be off again on another adventure soon. My issue at the moment is that from coming home to leaving again, I have a year and a half… the longest gap at home I have had in forever! My choice to stop seasons was a decision (and commitment in itself) that I have really struggled with, seeing everyone go back out there has torn me apart. On the other hand, I have made an even greater commitment to my trip, the first time in my life I am excited and fully committed to something.

The add-ons that come with this commitment are trying me: the enormous pressure of saving, and meeting our goals; the fact I have an 8-6 Monday-Friday desk job (yawn); and the waiting…MY GOD THE WAITING. I hate all of these, but at the same time, I know that they all amount to the trip of a life time.

What I have basically come to realise is that although some (most) commitments are ones I aim to not get involved with, when the right one comes along, you agree to it with no questions asked. My commitment to saving, my commitment to planning, and my massive commitment to going on the trip has shown me just how easy it can be to enjoy the process. You have to decide for yourself which projects are worth your time, money, and effort, and which you do not need to bother yourself with. Its all about figuring out what you give a fuck about, and what you don’t. Try not to waste your time on things you don’t need to.

I have found that in order to survive the shit (job, saving etc) you have to prioritise, and focus on the good stuff. A lady once said to me that its all well and good having a goal, but if you get there ‘broken’ how can you enjoy it? This is an element of commitment I was not expecting, but one I have learnt from. Look after your mind, focus on you, and before you know it, you’ll be at your goal (or departure gate in my case).

I hope this makes sense. Please share your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks for reading




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