The Power of Positivity

A tidy space, A tidy mind

At this very moment in time, I am one very happy chappy…a point I have fought so hard to get myself to. From coming home from France and straight into desk jockey mode, I have found myself loosing who I am in the process. My job is tiring (more like brain numbing) and the hours are long AF, it was sucking the life from me, because I let it.

Something clicked one day not so long ago, and I slapped myself out of my funk. How can I allow for this to take over me if I am fully aware it is doing so? The only person that can make a change is ME and only ME. Sometimes you have to be selfish and look after numero uno. I’ve never thought very much of myself (deep shit that) but recently I have been enlightened to the power of positive thinking and positive action.

I went to a counsellor not so long ago, after I took a good old look at myself and how unhappy I was. I thought this was the answer, or at least a means of explanation for me, which it was. A massive thought provoking idea she threw at me was as follows:

“Its all well and good going on (and looking forward) to your trip, but whats the fun is getting there broken minded and unable to fully enjoy it”

We spoke about lots of other things too, but this stuck with me. It got me thinking about the trip, and how excited I am, but also, am I willing to throw away all of the hard work and money I am putting into it because I’m playing Debbie downer? No is the answer, the easy answer.

From my session, I took away 2 main aims – happiness and positivity in all aspects of my life. I had to figure out what makes me happy…and do more of it – simple! My first goal was my health, I have always loved sports/exercise but had let any form of physical exercise stop since being home. No skiing everyday, hiking up mountains, or frisbee on the park. I had allowed sitting behind my desk 10 hours a day become my life, I was actively becoming a vegetable. So, I joined the gym, bought a fat loss cookbook and get my veg ass into gear. I love the gym, so getting back into the swing of things has been easy as pie for me. Along with a new healthy eating routine, I FEEL GREAT! My  mind is clear, my body is thanking me, and I am back in my happy place.

A positive mind is a magical thing, I am seeing things much clearer and allowing myself to focus on what matters. The shit that used to drag me to my dark place is not allow to do so any more, simply because I wont let it. I have a goal, or several goals for that matter. Positive targets to keep me on track during the work slog. My first goal is my savings, and I have said this before, but I love keeping an eye on my finances. Saving is going well, very well. My second goal is my ‘bikini body’, were I know I will never be an ‘insta inspo’ girl, or be teeny tiny, I will be happy and confident in my swimsuit. I have been so focused on this goal, it excites me, and I genuinely love being fitter and eating clean.

Basically, what this post is about is the power of thinking positively and acting upon it. Focus on you, and what makes you happy, because ultimately, its your life to live. My trip is important to me, its a once in a lifetime opportunity and I do not want it jaded by my own stupid insecurities. I am feeling better about myself, on target to reach my goals, and all in all, seeing life much clearer – I love it.

Be positive and proactive, always!

Thanks for reading



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