A Tidy Space, A Tidy Mind

Whenever I find myself a little stressed out, or anxious, I always seem to start cleaning. It seems to really help me calm down, think clearer and get back on track. Recently, the daily stresses or work and saving have been piling up in the forefront of my mind, consuming me, and really getting me down. This is a place I know I cannot head, because I have to stay positive and focused, this year in particular.

I have had a few holidays I needed to take from work before April, so recently I have found myself enjoying plenty of long weekends (and lots more sleep!). This time at home has allowed me to take back my direction and focus on sorting my shit out. One day last week my room got the full works: a ruthless declutter, a much needed spring clean and a completely new set up. I love my new space, it is now spacious, clean, and most importantly tidy! The lack of clothing piles, messy draws and general build up of crap have really set my vibes to positive only. I have created a space I enjoy being in, and feel completely at ease in. I did want to decorate but…well that costs money and I don’t have any spare.

I now have a designated travel draw (just about the saddest thing ever huh?) where all of my STA brochures, notepads, and basically all things travel live. This way, if I am in a planning mood, I can get my stuff and crack on with it. Even If I am just bored, the brochures are fun to look through, and great for inspo!

As discussed in my previous post, it is important to stay positive, and this is another step I have taken to stick to this. I know that mess makes me anxious and stress out, so I took it upon myself to make sure I am changing that, eliminating its negativity and creating something that makes (and keeps) me happy in the long run. Another, very favourable, step I have taken is very plain, very simple – fresh air. My pals and I have decided to make big long dog walks a weekly thing – a doggy play group if you will. We pack up the dogs and head to fun places each weekend. Its chaotic, the dogs are crazy (there is normally about 5+ big dogs and my little Shih tzu) but its good to get out the house and get some fresh air. We have managed all but one weekend in the new year, and we are now even starting to head out any weekdays we are free from work. The exercise is great, the clean fresh air is helpful, and the company is fun. All in all, the makings of a very positive stepping stone in the ‘good vibes only’ plan.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, it is cathartic, soothing, and very cleansing for the soul (woah). I can’t recommend it enough for clearing your head, its great!

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